Vitamin B12 Crystalline


A red to dark-red crystalline powder produced by fermentation.


Relieves stressed, inflamed and cracked skin, protects skin barrier, speeds up cell regeneration.

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Cobalamin: One of the most complex Vitamins, with Cobalt structure.

Cyanocobalamin is converted into adenosyl cobalamin and methyl cobalamin, which are the forms that have physiological activity.

Product Features

  • Biotech naturally derived pink vitamin
  • Active on atopic dermatitis, reducing erythema and pruritus in vivo
  • Prevents inflammation ex vivo: significant and strong reduction of inflammasome and inflammatory cytokines such Il1-ß.
  • Epigenetic regulation of inflammasome: over-expression by 61% of miR-22-3p with vitamin B12 at 0.01% leads to a reduction of inflammasome ex vivo
  • Significantly reduction of Mast cell degranulation by 31%, drops the histamine release in vitro


  • Vitamin B12 relieves sensitive and stressed skin
  • Dermatological treatment for skin conditions such as itchy, dry, inflamed, red and cracked skin
  • Helps prevent photo-damaged skin
  • Protects the skin barrier damage induced by inflammation
  • Plays and important role in speeding up cell recovery and regeneration
  • Skin looks more vibrant
  • Nice pink colour of formulations

Use level: 0.001 - 0.1%

China compliant, Vegan, Halal certified and 67.8% Naturally derived.