UNICERT Dyes (Water Soluble)


Water soluble dyes


A unique range of high purity dyes that are in full compliance with EU, US and Japanese cosmetic regulations.

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A unique range of high purity, water soluble dyes in compliance with EU, US, Japanese and Chinese cosmetic regulations, including NEW for 2014 - Unicert Violet K7025-J, offering up to 10x solubility for a violet dye.

Works well with Covafix 123 which allows the semi-permanent dyes to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft and improves their tenacity, leading to improved colouration and hair conditioning.

Grade Description
Unicert Yellow 08006-J

FD&C Yellow No. 6 - CI 15985

Unicert Yellow 08005-J

FD&C Yellow No. 5 - CI 19140

Unicert Yellow K7005-J

D&C Yellow No. 8 - CI 45350

Unicert Yellow K7164-J

Ext D&C Yellow No. 7 - CI 10316

Unicert Orange K7011-J

D&C Orange No. 4 - CI 15510

Unicert Red 07004-J

FD&C Red No. 4 - CI 14700

Unicert Red K7008-J

D&C Red No. 22 - CI 45380

Unicert Red K7054-J

D&C Red No. 28 - CI 45410

Unicert Red K7057-J

D&C Red No. 33 - CI 17200

Unicert Blue 05601-J

FD&C Blue No. 1 - CI 42090

Unicert Violet K7116-J

Ext D&C Violet No. 2 - CI 60730

Unicert Violet K7025-J

Ext. D&C Violet 2 - CI60730. Excellent water solubility for a violet dye of 4.4 to 5.0 gm/litre

Unicert Green K7015-J

D&C Green No. 5 - CI 61570

Unicert Green 06503-J

D&C Green No. 3 - CI 42053

Unicert Green K7157-J

D&C Green No. 8 - CI 59040