UNICERT Dyes (Oil Soluble)


Oil soluble and dispersible dyes


A range of high purity oil soluble and dispersible dyes

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  • Sensient

 High purity oil soluble and bromo acid dyes in compliance with EU, US, Japanese and Chinese cosmetic regulations.

Unicert Yellow K7064-J - D&C Yellow No. 11 - CI 47000
D&C Red No. 17 - CI 26100
Unicert Violet K7014-J - D&C Violet No. 2 - CI 60725
Unicert Green K7016-J - D&C Green No. 6 - CI 61565
Unicert Orange K7003-J (bromo acid) - D&C Orange No. 5 - CI 45370:1
Unicert Red K7061-J (bromo acid) - D&C Red No. 21 - CI 45380:2
Unicert Red K7053-J (bromo acid) - D&C Red No. 27 - CI 45410:1

The bromo dyes can also be used for unique applications such as Sensient's colour changing technology as demonstarted in the video below. The formulation for which can be found on the left hand side.

Sensient colour changing technology