TrueScent™ Natural Fragrances


Range of 100% Natural Fragrances


Top quality materials and scent

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  • Essencia

Over the past several years, Essencia has focused on developing a range of natural perfumes. The brand name TrueScent™ represents a collection of over 80 well designed, balanced and sophisticated scents across the entire range of olfactive families. Each TrueScent™ perfume meets the relevant standard of ecological certification and standards (Ecocert, BDIH, Natrue, Cosmos) and have passed stability tests.

Trends are key to Essencia and they pride themselves in knowing the latest and future trends enabling them to develop perfume compositions for any requirement of perfumed consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and products from many other industries

Available in small MOQ’s Essencia TrueScent™ fragrances are tailored to everyones needs big or small.

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