Tan accelerator and enhancer


A deeper tan, a faster tan and a more prolonged tan.

INCI name: 

Aqua & Mannose & Glucose & Beta-glucan & Sodium Hyaluronate


  • Gobiotics

Product benefits:

  • Faster tanning
  • Natural tanning
  • Prolonged tanning
  • Reduced sun wrinkles
  • Increased natural resistance to immediate sun damage
  • Increased natural resistance to prolonged sun damage

TOSOLIN is a unique complex containing:

  • low molecular glucomannan
  • low molecular weight, water soluble betaglucan
  • in bioactive sodium hyaluronate. It is applied before you go out in the sun to build up the bodies natural protection.

TOSOLIN regulates the activity of 2 important cells:

  • Melanocytes - TOSOLIN increases the Endothelin Gene Expression, leading to an optimized activity of the melanocytes. This results in a deeper tan, a faster tan and a prolonged tan. Because of the optimized production of melanin, the protective shield is built up faster and tighter. This leads to an increased natural sun protection.
  • Langerhans cells - TOSOLIN reduces sun wrinkles by a double action. It reduces the penetration of UVA because the protective melanin shield is produced faster and tighter resulting in a reduced damage of collagen. It also actively increases the renewal of collagen leading to prevention/reduction of sun wrinkles and an increased natural resistance of the skin against UV light.