TILAMAR® Fix A1000


Innovative hair styling polymer (particularly suitable for aerosols)


Superior high humidity curl retention and excellent propellant compatibility

INCI name: 

Acrylates Copolymer


  • DSM

TILAMAR® Fix A1000  is a solid synthetic acrylate copolymer bead featuring exciting hair styling spray benefits. It has excellent compatibility in styling sprays, particularly aerosols and delivers outstanding performance for extra strong hold based on High Humidity Curl Retention that exceeds technology benchmarks. It’s free from stickiness on hair and provides a natural feel and look. TILAMAR® Fix A1000 is ideal for root lifting and for fine hair due to the very short drying phase. The new polymer bead is a pure product form, is preservative free, supports easy handling and provides in a low viscosity to further support sprayability. 

TILAMAR® Fix A1000 also won a BSB Innovation Prize for Cosmetics at In-cosmetics 2011.

Since 2003, the BSB Innovation Prize has been awarded annually by Beratungs- und Servicebüro Dr. Riedel. The winners are selected by an independent, international jury consisting of prestigious representatives from the cosmetics industry. TILAMAR® Fix A1000 was awarded the 3rd Prize in the category “Most Innovative Raw Material” at this year’s in-cosmetics in Milan. With TILAMAR® Fix A1000, DSM has located a substantial and still unmet consumer need by combining strong hold and natural feel in a product that remains easy to handle.