Combination of traditional ingredients - Spent Grain Wax; Argan Oil and Shea Butter


Soothes irritated skin, strong histamine blocking, anti-itching and anti-inflammatory activities

INCI name: 

Spent Grain Wax, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Extract, Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil

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  • DSM

STIMU-TEX® AS is carefully selected composition of supercritical fractions of spent barley grain and selected fractions of Shea Butter and Argan oil.   For use within cosmetic formulations, it can help alleviate symptoms of dry, itchy and irritated skin. Its histamine-blocking properties also protect the skin from allergic reactions, making this a perfect ingredient for sensitive skin products. 

Product benefits:

  • Regenerates the epidermal barrier
  • Gives immediate relief for truly soothed and flawless skin
  • Significant reduction of itching and redness

Recommended use level: 2 - 5%


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