Sun protection for hair


Hair colour & structure protection, standardized active content, proven efficacy (in-vitro)

INCI name: 

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract


  • Sensient

SENSISHIELD® is a natural extract of sustainably-sourced green tea leaves (Camellia sinensis) with a standardized content of bioactive compounds extracted using the patented PhytoClean™ process.

SENSISHIELD® boosts antioxidant capacity, which helps avoid hair colour fading and degradation caused by oxidative stress / sunlight.


- Boosts antioxidant capacity
- Offers hair colour protection & helps to avoid fading
- Offers hair structure protection (maintains the tryptophan content & offers hair fibre keratin protection)

Suggested uses include hair mask treatments, shampoo, conditioners and many other treatment products for coloured and damaged hair.

It is supplied as a water-soluble powder and is free of preservatives. It is also COSMOS compliant and certified sustainable.