Royal TW Spring Water


Mineral spring water


Moisturising and detoxifying

INCI name: 



  • Adina

Mineral Spring waters or ‘Chalybeate’ waters as they are more traditionally known are a highly popular ingredient for a wide range of formulations due to their reputed and inherent moisturising and detoxifying properties.

Mineral Spring water as part of your formulation will immediately help to impart benefits to both the product and the marketing claims. Royal TW Spring Water contains significant levels of dissolved natural mineral salts (electrolytes), iron and manganese, which help to play an important role in many biological processes within the skin. 


  • Moisturising and detoxifying properties
  • Serves as an excellent replacement for water in formulations
  • Can be used for the whole body (skin, hair and scalp)
  • Colourless and odourless
  • Great marketing story