Sebum production regulator


Balance and mattifies oily skin to unveil a natural appearance

INCI name: 

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Seronoa Serrulata Fruit Extract.

Also contains: 

Beta-Sitosterol Tocopherol


  • DSM

REGU®SEB is based on the traditional Chinese medicine philosophy, fighting fire with fire. This natural blend of “good” oils helps to mattify and balance the skin by inhibiting the hyperactivity of 5a-reductase, which plays a key role in the transformation of testosterone in to dihydrotestosterone causing excessive sebum production.

The magic oil based elixir is a blend of Saw Palmetto extract, Sesame seed oil and Argan oil. Together these oils provide a powerful cocktail of phytosterols, lignans, squalene, unsaturated fatty acids and tocopherols.

Product benefits:

• Visibly rebalances skin oiliness within 4weeks
• Unique multi-targeted activity
• Visible efficacy reported by 95% of the volunteers
• Leads to smooth, mattifying and natural look
• Decreases the oily spot surface by 42%
• Decreases the severity of oily skin condition by 33%
• Inhibits DHT synthesis up to 35%

Suggested concentration 1-5%