Rainbow Emulsion


Chasing the rainbow with full spectrum of activities taking care of your skin


Innovate and eye catching formulation


  • Gobiotics

The rainbow emulsion is an eye catching day cream made possible by the unique capabilities of the oil in water emulsifier INUTEC SL1, and water in oil emulsifier NEOCARE P3R.  This day cream offers a full spectrum of activities taking care of your skin. Each colour working on a particular skin layer…

Violet: works on top of your skin. This layer has a balancing effect on your skin flora (BIOLIN P) and superhydrates thanks to HYLASOME EG10.

Blue: works on the horny layer. The layer restores the skin barrier (BIODINE V).

Green: works on moisturisation at the skin cell level (DERMAFLUX).

Orange and yellow: work on the Basle layer  thanks to GENOFIX CPD (DNA repair) and LIPODISQ RETINOL (encapsulated retinol).

Red: works on stimulating the protiens at the Dermal-Epidermal junction (SYN-TACKS).

In order for the skin to benefit from each layer, the rainbow emulsion is applied on the skin via a ‘rainbow catcher’ (otherwise known as a spatula!).

Winner of the Laura Marshall Memorial Innovation Award 2016!