PSI™ Cool


Cooling active


Long lasting cooling

INCI name: 

Menthyl PCA


  • Adina

PSI Cool provides a long-lasting refreshing and cooling sensation on the skin.

Composed of 100% Menthyl PCA (INCI), PSI Cool is hydrolyzed on the skin to produce menthol, giving an extended cooling sensation. PSI Cool offers many advantages over menthol as a cooling ingredient which can be summarised as follows:

  • Practically odourless – no distinctive menthol smell.
  • A longer-lasting fresh feeling.
  • Lower initial impact therefore reducing the risk of irritation or “burning” sensation.
  • Produces a natural moisturising agent (PCA) for additional skin benefits.
  • Has mosquito repellent properties

PSI Cool is supplied as a clear viscous liquid. It has good compatibility with most cosmetic ingredients over a wide pH range.

Recommended use level is 1% to 2% depending on required intensity of effect.

Suggested applications include:

Deodorants, body sprays, facial mists, wet wipes, eye serums, body gels, face masks, & after-sun.