ProCutiGen® Hold


Unique hair styling and protection from bamboo lipopeptides


Hair Care, Hair Protection, Nourishing, Support, Style Retention

INCI name: 

Phyllostachis Bambusoide Extract

Also contains: 

Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate (Natural antimicrobial)


  • Active Concepts

Given the nature of the hair, it can be difficult to straighten or curl the hair for long periods of time without inflicting damage. This is because keratins found in hair are strong and insoluble fibrous alpha-helical proteins. Damage that occurs to hair after styling is a result of the structural integrity of the cuticle being compromised. When the structure of the hair cuticle is degraded, hair is more susceptible to breakage. Hair needs a solid foundation to prevent damage, and the building block of hair is protein. Bamboo gets its strength from being rich in protein, silica, and various vitamins and minerals, which can help restore the strength of the hair. ProCutiGen® Hold is a lipopeptide derived from bamboo protein, which can create a de novo cuticle on the hair to prevent  styling damage from happening in the first place.

Applications: Hair Care, Hair Protection, Nourishing, Support, Style Retention

Use Levels: 1 – 10%