Prebiotic for balancing skin microbiota


Mass market appeal

INCI name: 

Inulin, Fructose


  • Gobiotics

preBIULIN FOSUnlocking the Skin Microbiome Code!

The delicate balance of our skin microbiota can be disturbed by pollution, excessive UV, and chemicals. PreBIULIN FOS is a polyfructose extracted from chicory roots that preserves and protects the skin by re-balancing the human skin microbiota to form a natural defensive shield against the environment. Protecting, reinforcing and balancing the human skin microbiota is an essential strategy in preserving our skin health and beauty.

This scientifically proven prebiotic is the first prebiotic to conduct an Ex-vivo test - the most advanced proof in the industry of a prebiotic effect on the skin.


  • Daily skin control
  • Skin barrier protection
  • Reducing sensitivity, inflammation, irritation and itching.
  • Anti-acne; 80% reduction in Propionibacterium acnes over 24hrs.

Usage Level: 1 - 5% 

A sister product: Biolin P is a prebiotic for Baby and intimate care.


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What is the skin microbiome?