Plankton Glass Flower


Natural Planktonic material derived from Volcanic lakes


UV-Blue light scattering

INCI name: 

Plankton Extract


  • Odycea

PLANKTON GLASS FLOWER is a natural planktonic material consisting essentially in siliceous fragments of freshwater algae species (mainly composed of Fragilaria zeilleri, Gomphomena angustatum, Navicula radiosa, Cyclotella andancensis), coming from the ancient lakes of Auvergne volcanoes region.

In the clear mountain lakes of Auvergne, the UV pressure is particularly intense. In response to this environment highly exposed to UV, this plankton has developed a very original and innovative strategy to minimize the UV induced damages. This innovation consists in collecting especially silicic acid from lakes and acid lavas coming from the centre of earth. Thanks to that, it makes a delicate glass envelope around its cell, which looks like a glass diamond.

Cosmetically the Plankton Glass Flower offers a host of benefits including:

  • Protection against Visible Blue light
  • Acting a physical and chemical shields against pollutants
  • Increased oil absorption to mattify the skin
  • Natural soft focus

This China complaint powder can be used at 1-3%.