Derived from a seashore flower and aims to restore and protect healthy skin acting as “skin recovery hub”


Skin renewal for healthy skin aging, locks in moisture with long lasting hydration

INCI name: 



  • Odycea

PINK NECTAR provides a global solution to protect and restore the healthy appearance of skin through its targeted action on 28 genes.  This new concept called “skin recovery hub” acts on 3 levels of action; first to purify, then to protect and finally, to boost skin renewal to obtain optimal recovery of the skin.

It helps fortify compromised skin and support its defences to shield from intensive mask wearing, pollution and sun exposure. It re-activates skin renewal for a healthy skin aging and locks in moisture for instant and long lasting hydration.

PINK NECTAR has been designed to hit the reset button for dry, sensitive or stressed skin characterized by:

  • An impaired epidermal barrier function
  • A higher sensitivity to pathogens, irritants, UV, pollutants
  • Irritation and inflammation
  • A lack in lipid and water

To fight skin ageing characterized by:

  • An impaired epidermal barrier function
  • A slower rate of cellular renewal
  • A senescence-related decline in lipid and water content
  • A loss of skin flexibility, elasticity and resistance
  • Dull skin