Biotechnologically produced microalgae extract (Dunaliella salina)


Energises skin, Improves skin radiance. Protects and stimulates mitochondria by increasing ATP levels.

INCI name: 

Dunaliella salina Extract


  • DSM

PEPHA®-CTIVE is a skin energizing cocktail derived from unicellular micro-algae (Dunaliella salina).

It can be considered as a “Qi” or energy activator for anti-fatigue and anti-stress skin care applications. Optimizing the growing conditions of the micro-algae ensures consistent quality and concentration of active substances. PEPHA®-CTIVE consists of a powerful cocktail of different molecules such as amino acids and carbohydrates which have the ability to reload the skin with new energy.

PEPHA®-CTIVE is shown in-vitro to increase cellular ATP energy and fibroblast proliferation. In-vivo studies confirm faster skin renewal and improvement in appearance of skin brightness and luminosity.

PEPHA®-CTIVE is ideal to invigorate tired and stressed skin, restoring its natural health and vitality.