A unique & effective mineral UV filter based on zinc oxide


High-performance UV protection with minimal skin whitening

INCI name: 

Zinc Oxide (nano) & Triethoxycaprilylsilane


  • DSM

PARSOL® ZX (DSM) is a high-performance UV filter recommended for use in photoprotection and SPF products. It is comprised of zinc oxide powder that is surface treated with a hydrophobic silane compound to improve ease of formulation, sensory profile, and boost water resistance.

Zinc oxide is generally perceived as safe by consumers, and it is commonly used in combination with titanium dioxide (e.g. Parsol® TX) in mineral or "natural" sunscreen products. PARSOL® ZX particle size is optimised to offer excellent UV protection with minimal skin whitening, and also offers protection in the UV-A and blue light spectrum.

PARSOL® ZX can be easily formulated into many product types such as SPF suncare, daily skincare, or colour cosmetics.

- Effective UV protection
- Provides excellent blue light protection
- Minimal skin whitening
- Photostable
- Ease of formulation
- Good sensory profile
- Recognised as safe
- Global acceptance