Boosts skin immune system and strengthens skin barrier


Synergistic effect to help sensitive skin

INCI name: 

Aqua (water) & Plankton Extract & Lecithin

Also contains: 

Sodium Ascorbate, Tocopherol, and Phenoxyethanol.


  • Algaktiv

Optimmunist™ is a singular and natural blend of microalgae fractions delicately encapsulated for enhanced delivery and effectiveness.

Optimmunist™ boosts the skin immune system, strengthens the skin barrier, soothes and reduces redness and itching - an excellent partner to prevent and care for sensitive skin.

Mechanism of action

Interleukins 1 beta and 8 (IL-1ß, IL-8) are strong pro-inflammatory signaling agents. Optimmunist™ reduces their expression creating a calming and soothing effect on the skin.

Interferon gamma (IFN-γ) plays a crucial role in the skin defense against virus and bacteria as well as in stimulating the production of ceramides. INFγ strengthens the skin barrier, suppresses transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and is used for treating atopic dermatitis. Optimmunist™ strengthens the skin barrier and boosts the immune system against external aggressions by strongly upregulating the production of interferon gamma by more than 70%.

Interleukin 2 is associated with dry skin, redness, itching, rash and erythema as well as skin desquamation. Optimmunist™ dramatically reduces IL-2 expression under strong inflammation induction.

Interleukin 4 is involved in the destruction of the skin barrier and promotes allergic inflammation. It is known that blocking of IL-4 with antibodies ameliorates atopic dermatitis. Optimmunist™ clearly reduces IL-4 expression under strong inflammation induction.

New in-vivo study with 20% average reduction of irritation (up to 100% in the most responsive skins).

Optimmunist™ is also available as a preservative-free powder. (COSMOS certified)

Grade Description INCI name
Optimmunist Water soluble preserved with Phenoxyethanol Aqua, Plankton Extract, Lecithin
Optimmunist Powder Water soluble preservative free Plankton Extract, Sucrose, Lecithin, Aqua