Natpure SOL


Natural emulsifier


Food grade emulsifier and solubiliser

INCI name: 

Glycerin & Sucrose laurate & Sorbitol & Sucrose dilaurate & Sucrose trilaurate


  • Sensient

Natpure SOL comes from a synergistic combination between natural sucrose and fatty acid esters of vegetable origin. This cane sugar by-product of vegetable origin is a natural solubilizer and emulsifier derived from natural renewable sources. Free of petrochemicals, preservatives, PEG and additives, it is naturally bio-degradable and extremely safe. It does not only meet the fashion of the green cosmetic, its performances are universal and allow its use in a large number of cosmetic formulations.

Natpure SOL is a mixture of sucrose laurate components that works in synergy to improve the solubilizing power of each. It presents a solubilizing efficacy that covers a wide range of lipophilic ingredients. Moreover, its liquid form at low temperature allows for easy handling and time savings in production. Natpure SOL performs very well in aqueous and hydroalcoholic systems while improving the final transparency of the products.

Natpure SOL as natural solubilizer is used in a wide range of natural cosmetic products to incorporate lipophilic substances such as fragrances, essential oils, oil soluble dyes or vitamins. It is also particularly suitable for solubilizing natural oil soluble colors in aqueous system.