Natpure Feel-M ECO


Natural multifunctional silicone-like ingredient


Silicone like performance for hair, skin and make-up products

INCI name: 

Diisopropyl sebacate & isosotearyl isostearate & octyldodecanol & octyldodecyl myristate


  • Sensient

Natpure Feel-M ECO is a natural, oil miscible multifunctional silicone-like ingredient with benefits that go beyond feel:

  • Hydrophobic film-forming
  • Waterproofing
  • Emollient
  • Conditioner

 Natpure Feel-M ECO has silicon-like sensorial profile that makes it perfect for shampoos and conditioners giving a conditioning effect in all natural hair care formulations. It is also very suitable for skin care and sun care products thanks to its emollient, film-forming properties, waterproof performance and excellent skin compatibility. With its excellent ability to disperse pigments and its superior sensorial profile, Natpure Feel-M ECO is a first choice ingredient for use in make-up products. It delivers hydrophobic film-forming properties with long lasting performances on the skin and its low viscosity and surface tension contribute to improve the spreadability of formulations.

Natpure Feel-M ECO can also be used to quickly and easily give beautifully natural-looking and radiant temporary color in just 5 minutes. The coloring effect of an O/W conditioner, in which Natpure COL natural dyes, and natural surface treated mineral pigments (HLC, NBSB and NFW Rose coatings) is optimised by the good dissolving power and dispersing qualities of Natpure Feel-M ECO. In addition, with its film-forming, conditioning, and penetration properties, the hydrophobic barrier in O/W emulsions boosts waterproof properties, thus reducing transfer or staining.