Natpure® Fiber SF 50


100% natural origin Sunflower seed hull fibres


Mattifying and blurring effect, and densifies lashes and hair

INCI name: 

Cellulose, Pectin, Aqua, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein


  • Sensient

Natpure® Fiber SF 50 are locally sourced (South West France) 100% natural origin Sunflower seed hull fibres with high oil and water absorption. Natpure Fiber SF 50 are dark fibres which provide soft focus optical effect and high coverage in cosmetic products.

Technical Properties:

  • High oil, water and sweat absorption
  • Soft focus effect
  • Wrinkles filling properties
  • Easily dispersible
  • Dark colour

Cosmetic Benefits:

  • Mattifying effect
  • Blurring effect
  • High coverage
  • Densify lashes and hair keeping the black intensity of the formula

Recommended usage level - 0.1 - 30 %