Mix and Match Shampoo


Benchmarked against 'Concoction'


Add “shots or drops” of active ingredients to give the skin an extra boost

Dare to change your hair routine – Mix and Match shots!

Skincare trends have always trickled down to other areas and hair care is one of them… taking the innovation from skincare (and the benchmarked 'Concoction' product) and using a base and adding “shots or drops” of active ingredients to give the skin the extra boost, DSM have created a similar trend but this time with hair in mind, this allows consumers to customize the shampoo according to their specific needs!

To Use: Pick your 2 favourite shots and mix them with the Mix and Match Shampoo that contains Tilamar® Quat 711 & 2241 for the easiest combing and feel on wet and dry hair.

  • Shot 1: Moisture Boost with Pentavitin® a unique wheat-derived moisturising complex
  • Shot 2: Protection Boost with Alpaflor® Edelweiss organic plant extract
  • Shot 3: Smoothness Boost with Sericin as it binds and protects hair keratin
  • Shot 4: Strength Boost with Panthenol to combat split ends and breakage