Matlake OPA


Soft focus pigment adaptor


A light diffusing pigment , it reduces the appearance of skin imperfections. Excellent skin mattifier.

INCI name: 

Alumina & Titanium Dioxide


  • Sensient

 Opal is a precious gemstone which exhibits the phenomenon known as play of color. This is produced by the diffraction of white light through a microstructure of orderly arrayed spheres to produce changing spectral hues.

Matlake OPA has been developed with the goal to match the opal. It is a new soft focus pigment adaptor with an opal like effect to which in make-up or skin care products adapts to your skin tone to hide skin flaws all day.

Soft focus particles reduce the reflected components of light and increase the diffuse component of transmitted light softening lines. For an optimised soft focus adaptor such as Matlake OPA, the particles have:

  • High total transmittance so light passing through the cosmetic is reflected by the skin, ensuring a natural look and transmitted light is spread across the lines.
  • Medium diffuse transmittance so light passing through is scattered in many directions.
  • Minimal specular reflectance to prevent the lines being highlighted by light reflected directly from them.
  • Medium scattered reflectance to provide an even light distribution of light through all angles, so that lines appear less obvious.