Liposilt® Black & Green


Fresh Water Silt


Detoxifies, rejuvenates, increases cell turnover, non-drying.

INCI name: 


Also contains: 

Benzyl alcohol, Dehydroacetic acid, Benzoic acid, Sorbic acid, Phenoxyethanol.


  • Vantage Speciality Chemicals

Liposilt® is a naturally occurring bioactive silt, rich in organic components ideal for nourishing, moisturizing and treating hair and skin. Each have unique properties derived from its methods of formation, however both types of Liposilt® contain more than 90% organic matter and confer skin care benefits that can be summarized below.

  • Increases moisture (Liposilt® Black)
  • Increases cell turnover (Liposilt® Green)
  • Removes sebum
  • Evens skin tone
  • Improves surface characteristics
Grade INCI name
Liposilt® Black Silt
Liposilt® Green Silt