Liposhield™ HEV Melanin


Novel vegetable derived melanin


Protection from the adverse effects of High Energy Visible (HEV) Light

INCI name: 

Aqua & Melanin


  • Vantage Speciality Chemicals

Liposhield™ HEV Melanin is a novel, patent pending ingredient from Lipo Chemicals Inc that won First Place at the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award at In-Cosmetics, Milan. Melanin occurs naturally in the human body where it is released from melanocytes into the skin as a first line of defense against exposure to certain damaging light waves. Liposhield™ HEV Melanin is the first cosmetic ingredient designed to protect the skin from damaging high energy visible light.

It is a fractionated vegetable derived melanin designed to be used topically as an additional defense. It shields the skin from high energy blue/violet visible light (HEV) that may induce premature ageing according to recent scientific studies. Red visible light is deemed to have beneficial effects, and Liposhield™ HEV Melanin is tailored so that red light can be transmitted to the skin.

For even more information, Vanatage (Lipo) have created a dedicated website for this award winning product.

Liposhield™ is a trademark of Lipo Chemicals, Inc USA

Liposhield Protects Skin from Dangerous Outdoor & Indoor HEV Light