Liponic® Bio EG-1


Naturally derived multi-functional moisturiser & humectant


Long lasting moisturisation, non-tacky, improves foam volume and density, extremely versatile.

INCI name: 



  • Vantage Speciality Chemicals

Liponic® Bio EG-1 from Vantage is a sustainably produced multifunctional ingredient derived from natural, ethical and sustainable feedstocks (corn and RSPO certified glycerin).

Liponic® Bio  EG-1  is  used  as  a  humectant,  solubiliser,  co-emulsifier,  and  skin  conditioning agent.  Additionally, it may be utilised as a butylene glycol replacement. It also functions as a dispersant, de-tackifier, solubiliser, viscosity modifier, plasticiser, foam modifier and an exceptional lubricant.

Liponic® Bio EG-1 is a water-soluble viscous liquid and can be used in both hot and cold process formulations. It is extremely versatile and finds applications in skincare, haircare, suncare, and shaving products. 

Vantage testing  has  shown  that  Liponic®  Bio  EG-1 has a performance equivalence to the synthetic version sold as Liponic® EG-1,  and can be used as a direct replacement if desired.

  • Long lasting skin moisturisation
  • Imparts a non-tacky, smooth & luxurious skin feel
  • Creates bright white, elegant formulations
  • Improves foam volume & density
  • Conditioned feel on hair
  • Solubilisation properties for colourants, powders & active ingredients
Grade Description INCI name
Liponic® Bio EG-1 Moisturiser / Humectant Glycereth-26
Liponic® EG-1 Moisturiser / Humectant (Synthetic) Glycereth-26