Lipomulse™ Luxe MB


A complete and convenient emulsifier system


A special blend of non-ionic surfactants designed to simplify emulsion formulating,

INCI name: 

Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Glyceryl Stearate (and) PEG-40 Stearate (and) Ceteareth-20


  • Vantage Speciality Chemicals

Lipomulse Luxe is a complete and convenient emulsifier system from that simplifies manufacturing, formulation, inventory control and material management. The unique blend of ingredients produces an elegant, soft skin feel that is long lasting and pleasant to the touch. A special blend of non-ionic surfactants designed to simplify emulsion formulating, Lipomulse Luxe is especially suited for use in stabilizing emulsion formulations having a high oil phase. Up to 30% oil phases are very problematic to stabilize in an oil-in-water emulsion. Lipomulse Luxe is able to do this effectively due to the combination of key surfactants and the formation of unique liquid crystals.

Lipomulse™ Luxe forms liquid crystal structures that serve to greatly increase long term emulsion stability as well as stability at elevated temperatures. The liquid crystal structures that form are present throughout the emulsion, more than would be expected from a standard emulsifier, and they enhance the stability of the emulsion formulations. The proliferation of these specialized liquid crystals not only adds to a formulations stability, but also allow cosmetic actives to be dispersed more evenly and delivered to the skin in a more effective manner. It stabilizes emulsions with difficult-to-incorporate actives and is effective over a wide pH range (pH 3 to 12).

Emulsions can be formulated over a broad viscosity range having rheologies from flowing fluids to thick creams. Lipomulse™ Luxe can be used with polymeric thickening agents, natural gums and other viscosity modifiers and stabilizers. When it is incorporated into an emulsion, it produces an immediate and noticeable improved feel during spreading of the emulsion on the skin, as well as during continued rub-in. The response is an elegant, soft feeling sensation that persists long after the product has been applied. The emulsions have a very fine texture with a luxurious shiny appearance.