Jade Alga PF


Algal Hyaluronic Acid with Shape Memory Technology and soft peeling effect


A breakthrough in shape memory technology, promoting a youthful appearance

INCI name: 

Aqua (Water) & Hydrolyzed Ulva Lactuca Extract & Pentylene Glycol


  • Odycea

Skin is naturally subjected to dynamic movement including stretching, contraction and expansion; daily exposure to external aggressions such as sun, pollution and stress disrupts barrier function, leading to the loss of the skin’s memory shape. This oxidative stress also contributes to premature ageing, hyperkeratinisation, accumulation of dead cells, loss of cellular cohesion as well as thinning of the skin epidermis.

Odycea unravels the secret of skin memory shape protection and restoration thanks to Jade Alga PF; a unique extract of ulva lactuca algae from the coast of Brittany, France. Jade Alga PF contains specialised molecules of native ulvan that consist of sulfated rhamans rich in glucuronic and iduronic acids. It is these compounds that enables ulva lactuca to survive the mechanical and oxidative stresses of the tides and marive environment.

By utilising and harnessing the power of these very molecules, Jade Alga PF offers a unique active for skincare to help restore skin shape and flexibility, and also combat environmental stress that leads to premature ageing. In effect, Jade Alga PF preserves an optimal cutaneous "shape memory" to maintain a youthful appearance.

- Preserves an optimal cutaneous shape memory using shape memory technology
- Skin memory shape restoration and protection
- Elimination of dead skin cells
- Provides a soft and delicate peeling effect (chemical and enzymatic peeling)
- Promotes skin suppleness and radiance
- Photo protection
- Antioxidant/anti-pollution

In-vitro, in-vivo, skin-explant and clinical studies available.


Video credit: in-cosmetics connect (Ingredients In Action, Episode 4) & Belinda Carli of The Institute of Personal Care Science.