Inutec SL1


Natural emulsifier and emulsion stabiliser


Cold processable, natural origin, low use level; aids skin feel

INCI name: 

Glycerin & Inulin Lauryl Carbamate


  • Gobiotics

Inutec SL1 (previously Inutec SP1) is a non-ionic, polymeric-based surfactant system derived from chicory inulin and dispersed in glycerin. It can be used as an emulsion stabiliser for o/w emulsions, as a dispersant for hydrophobic particles and in the production of foams. Inutec SL1 is:

  • Cost effective - because of its unique structure at the o/w interface, only partial coverage is required and Inutec SL1 is therefore effective at very low levels
  • Acts only on the interface - emulsions and dispersions stay highly fluid
  • Is effective at 'fixing' emulsion stability prodblems
  • Able to enhance the delivery of actives
  • Able to emulsify up to 50-60% oil content in low viscosity systems
  • Effective in the presence of high levels of electrolytes - emulsification of seawater possible
  • Gives stability from coalescence
  • Widely used in suncare to help aid skin feel
  • Makes hair waxes less greasy

A range of example formulations are available to demonstrate Inutec SL1 in products suitable for the mass market. In particular, it is the key ingredient in the award winning concept of the Rainbow Emulsion - winner of the Laura Marshall Innovation award in 2016.


Please click here to view Inutec SL1 webinar.