Hylasome® EG-10


A high-performance hydrating cross-linked hyaluronic acid.


Exceptionally high water-binding capacity for moisturisation

INCI name: 

Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer

Also contains: 

1,2 pentylene glycol and ethylhexylglycerin


  • Vantage Speciality Chemicals

Hylasome® EG10 is a chemically crosslinked hyaluronic acid (non-animal source) that possesses an exceptionally high water-binding capacity, resulting in excellent moisturising abilities that outperform hyaluronic acid. It has a unique non-equilibrium gel structure with gel domains that contain tightly-bound water; the gel forms a film on the skin that continuously delivers the water over time. In addition to its superb moisturising properties, Hylasome® EG10 is also able to scavenge harmful free-radicals.


•             FIFTY TIMES the water binding capacity of hyaluronic acid

•             FIVE TIMES MORE moisturisation than hyaluronic acid after 24 hours

•             Slow delivery of water for long-term moisturisation

•             Free radical scavenger


Hylasome® is a registered trademark of Genzyme.