Hydrofacteur LC WP


Skin hydration regulator


A unique combination of penetrating, plasticising and exfoliation ingredients for short term improved skin suppleness and longer term stimulation of cell renewal.

INCI name: 

Lactic acid & Urea & Sorbitol & Hydrolyzed wheat protein & Glycerin & Allantoin & Aqua & Butylene glycol & Triethanolamine

Also contains: 

Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate


  • Sensient

The Alpha Hydroxy Acid of fruit origin in Hydrofacteur LC WP acts directly to improve the flexibility of the stratum corneum, accelerates the skin cell renewal and initiates the natural rehydration process of the skin.

Hydrofacteur LC WP regulates the hydration of the skin at two levels - retention of water in the stratum corneum and reduction of the transepidermal rate of water evaporation. Glycerin and sorbitol reduce the evaporation rate of water, Urea counteracts drying to increase water fixation and vegetable proteins rich in the amino acid of the NMF (serine, lamine, threonine, aspargine, glycine, leucine, valine and glutamine acid) deliver excellent water fixation to the skin and long lasting water retention.

Hydrofacteur LC WP also helps healing and soothing due to the presence of allantoin.