Gosulin IL MB


A natural, sustainable, and multifunctional replacement for volatile silicones


Natural volatile touch

INCI name: 

Isoamyl Laurate


  • Gobiotics

Gosulin IL MB has a superior volatile behaviour, making it the ideal, “improved”, natural replacement for volatile silicones.

Product benefits:

  • It reduces the soaping effect/whitening of creams that can occur, especially with natural emulsions, when high amounts of waxes or fatty alcohol are used. Adding Gosulin IL MB to such an emulsion reduces this whitening effect efficiently.
  • It dramatically improves the spreadability of deodorants and emulsions with high amount of vegetable oils, butters or waxes. The effect is comparable to volatile silicones.
  • Sun screens and vitamins can give a sticky skin feel to an emulsion. When Gosulin IL MB is added, this tackiness disappears completely. An ideal solution for day creams with a high SPF or a high content of vitamins.
  • It can easily transform W/O-emulsions into light emulsions that can almost not be distinguished from a O/W-emulsions.
  • It is very effective at dispersing powders such as Titanium Dioxide, Aluminium Chlorohydrate and iron oxide pigments.
  • It is soluble with Dimethicone so it is therefore a powerful (waterproof) make up remover that does not irritate the eyes.
  • It is very effective at dissolving sunscreens, and is more effective than synthetic emollients such as Alkyl Benzoate.
  • Made from certified sustainable palm oil (RSPO)
  • China compliant.