Red algae extract for hair protection against pollution


Anti-pollutant, conditioning, repairs damaged hair cuticles

INCI name: 

Aqua (Water) & Palmaria Palmata extract & Chondrus Crispus extract & Pentylene Glycol


  • Odycea

GALACTEANE™ PF is a unique combination of ruby algae, which, thanks to its texture and precious sulfated galactans, detoxifies hair from pollution and provides conditioning and sheathing effect.
GALACTEANE™ PF is the perfect solution to protect hair and give them back their strength and brightness. It drastically reduces pollutants adherence to hair: - 98% versus only 40% on non-treated hair locks. Hair scales are 27% more joined and the edge of hair scale is 22% more regular. By smoothing the hair cuticle the product acts on the conditioning effect.