Fucosorb WP


Extract of a Red and Brown seaweed


Creates glossy, smooth hair with improved wet combing and anti-irritation

INCI name: 

Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract, Sorbitol, Aqua

Also contains: 

Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate.


  • Sensient

What is it?

Fucosorb WP is an extract of a Red and Brown seaweed that has evolved and survived over millions of years through polyelectrolytic biopolymers that offer protection from dehydration and filter essential nutrients from their environment leaving behind toxic salts.

Where is it from?
Red and brown seaweeds found growing in the unpolluted tropical waters off the coast of North East Brazil.

What does it do?

  • Protect, moisturise and soften the skin by creating a ‘chemical glove’ and enhancing the skin’s natural ability to heal, whilst reducing irritation (stinging, erythema, oedema and drying).
  • Protect and moisturise the hair, whilst increasing body, lustre and shine.
  • Reduces the greasiness of hair keeping hair cleaner whilst also enhancing the appearance of dyed hair.
  • Noticeably improves skin “feel”.

How does it do it?
Fucosorb biochemical action combines with the proteins of the skins external layer and reduces the (TEWL) evaporation rate of water and helps maintain the skins natural moisture level. Its natural composition also leads to the removal of loose or dead skin cells.

Fucosorb highly substantive properties are mainly due to its content of sulfated polygalactosides (present in Red Seaweeds as a calcium/protein complex) the ion-ion interaction between polygalactosides sulfate radicals and the amino radicals of skin (or hair)
keratin (participation of a divalent cation, such as calcium or magnesium).

What claims can I make?

  • Protects and moisturises the hair, increasing body and lustre.
  • Reduces hair sebum (greasiness) – “a 63% reduction of sebum in hair 60 hours after washing.”
  • Creates glossy, smooth hair with improved wet combing.
  • Anti-irritation