FHP Surface Treated Pigments & Pearls (Range)


Fluorinated surface treatment


Soft feeling pigments, with long lasting properties

INCI name: 

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  • Sensient
  • A new FHP range of fluorinated surface treatment applied on new generation High Purity iron oxides, titanium dioxide, pearls and pigments. The benefits of the unique FHP surface treatments are:     


  • Have hydrophobic and lipophobic properties to enhance wear resistance
  • PFOA free & PFOS free
  • Good resistance to acid and alkali conditions
  • Easy dispersibility in silicone oils and esters
  • High compressibility in pressed powders so reduced binder content
  • Pay off and mass tone present the same shade in W/O or W/Si emulsions
  • Suitable for long lasting make-up resilient to perspiration and sebum.
  • Good performances in W/Si emulsions :
  • Lower energy is required to disperse FHP pigments well in the final emulsion

The following products are available:

  • Fillers -  ALUMINA FHP
  • High purity iron oxides - Unipure Yellow LC188 FHP, Unipure Red LC388 FHP, Unipure Black LC988 FHP
  • Titanium dioxide - Unipure White LC981 FHP (anatase)