Natural anti-inflammatory skincare ingredient


Anti-inflammatory, skin smoothing, protects from pollutants, improves skin complexion

INCI name: 

Zea Mays (Corn) Kernel Extract


  • Mirexus

EnerZea™ is a young sweetcorn kernel extract containing alpha glucans, minerals and amino acids. Known to activate the immune system, alpha glucans contribute to cellular defence, and counteract inflammation. 

Ideal for sensitive and reactive skins, EnerZea ™ offers the following benefits (supported by clinical studies):
- Stimulates and reinforces skin’s natural protection leading to a more luminous and smoother appearance
- Creates an invisible and flexible barrier against pollutants, irritants and allergens
- Preserves the natural barrier function of the skin from environmental aggressions
- Smoothens the micro-relief and improves the overall appearance (surface, radiance)
- Reduces inflammation caused by our environment
- Reduces redness and dehydration

EnerZea™ is supplied in a convenient liquid form, and shows excellent formulation stability and compatibilty. It is COSMOS and ECOCERT approved, and has wide global acceptance, including China and Japan.