E-Leen® P8


Powerful synergistic anti-microbial combination with an aromatic scent


Nature derived antimicrobial, creates self-preserved formulations, natural masking agent

INCI name: 

Caprylyl Glycol & Phenylpropanol & Aqua (Water)


  • MinaSolve

E-Leen® P8 is a synergistic blend of naturally derived antimicrobials. In addition to helping to control microbiological spoilage of formulations, it provides a natural aroma that can help to mask odours when used in hygiene products. 

E-Leen® P8 is suitable for use in a wide range of products and is also shown to be effective in wet wipes.

Properties & benefits:
- Listed preservative free, creates self-preserved formulations
- Largely pH-independent effect against bacteria, yeast and mould
- Based on nature-derived Caprylyl Glycol; a well-known skin humectant
- Contains phenylpropanol; provides a natural aroma (ideal masking agent, for hygiene/deodorant)