E-Leen® Green B


Natural and Green chemistry derived preservative blend


Preservative, skin humectant, and emollient

INCI name: 

Pentylene Glycol, Water, Sodium Benzoate, Benzoic Acid


  • MinaSolve

E-Leen Green B is a dual-functional blend, designed for the microbial protection of cosmetics and for the moisturising of the skin. It represents a socially and environmentally responsible solution for green, safe and easy preservation. The “two in one” activity supports today’s trend of simplifying formulations to their essentials.

E-Leen Green B shows a broad spectrum anti-microbial activity that ensures complete protection of water-based cosmetics against microbial degradation. It is optimized for maximum availability of its ingredients within the aqueous phase of cosmetic products.

E-Leen Green B also exhibits a long lasting skin moisturising effect comparable to that of glycerin. It contributes to a pleasant, non-sticky and non-greasy skin feel of personal care products.

E-Leen Green B consists of nature-derived and nature-identical components suitable for organic and natural cosmetics. Its major ingredient, bio-sourced Pentylene Glycol, is sustainably made from corn cob and sugar cane bagasse.

E-Leen Green B is ECOCERT/COSMOS approved.


  • Preservative
  • Skin humectant
  • Emollient


  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Toiletries

Recommended pH of use 3.0 – 6.0