Desert Whale Jojoba Esters


Oil-free wax esters derived from seeds of the jojoba plant


Emolliency and protective properties

INCI name: 

Jojoba Esters


  • Vantage Speciality Chemicals

DW Jojoba Esters are a complete range of oil-free wax esters derived from seeds of the jojoba plant. They are natural, green and sustainable, made from jojoba oil and/or hydrogenated jojoba oil via interesterification.

DW Jojoba Esters are available in a wide variety of forms with 5 different melting point ranges – a liquid; a creamy, soft or firm paste; or a hard wax – and are highly stable, having superior oxidative stability compared to triglycerides and other natural butters.  Unlike triglyceride oils, Jojoba Esters provide non-greasy emolliency and are read­ily absorbed into the skin

Product benefits:

  • Multi-functional
  • Eco-friendly, natural (COSMOS approved)
  • Non-oily, non-tacky, elegant skin feel
  • Emolliency, moisturizing, softening and conditioning effects
  • Low odour and colour
  • Superior oxidative stability
  • Improved structural integrity in stick formulations
  • Allows for higher pigment loading in colour cosmetics, enhancing colour intensity
  • Widespread consumer recognition of Jojoba as an “earth friendly” label claim
  • Derived from Jojoba grown + processed in-house

Recommended use level 1-10%

Grade Description INCI name
Jojoba Esters-15 Liquid ester that delivers emolliency and a smooth, elegant feel Jojoba Ester
Jojoba Esters-30 Soft paste that offers a smooth soft application as well as cushion to skin care, hair care and colour cosmetic formulations Jojoba Ester
Jojoba Esters-60 Firm paste that forms a protective film on the skin without a greasy feel Jojoba Ester
Jojoba Esters-70 Delivers glide as well as strength and flexibility to the structure of stick formulations without being brittle Jojoba Ester