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Access the latest hand care formulations, long-term hand care guidance + life after COVID-19


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From hand sanitizer formulations to long-term hand protection guidance, we've collated all of the latest COVID-19 resources from Adina partners.

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Looking Ahead: Life After COVID-19 & Personal Care Trends

  • Maskne: Hydrate & rejuvenate skin AND combat Maskne with ALGAKTIV BioSKN
  • Developing solutions for long-term hand care & expert guidance from Gobiotics
  • Adding care properties to our new hygiene skincare routine (DSM)
  • Hand & skincare in a post-COVID world (Vantage) - parts 1-3

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Hand Care Formulations

Hand Care Formulations from Odycea. Includes:

  • Hydroalcoholic gel
  • Hand sanitizer lotion, spray & foam
  • Soothing & regenerative hand cream
  • Moisturising hand cream

Hand Sanitizer Concepts by Vantage. Includes:

  • Bio-based hand sanitizing gel
  • Self-heating hand scrub
  • Foaming hand soap
  • Sensitive hands exfoliating cleanser
  • Jojoba-enriched hand sanitizer
  • Blue lagoon hand sanitizer

Hand Care Formulations + Life After COVID-19 from Active Concepts. Includes:

  • Anti-transfer barrier cream
  • Purification spray
  • Life after COVID-19

Hand Care Formulations from Minasolve. Includes:

  • Mild hand wash
  • Foaming hand cleanser / wash
  • Hand liquid cleanser / wash
  • Ultra care hand cream
  • Moisturising cream
  • Repairing hand cream

Hydrating Hand Sanitizer from DSM

  • Includes formulation guidelines

New Data: Phytofuse Renew® - Physical Barrier for Microbial Resistance

  • Anti-transfer assay

Hand Fragrances by Essencia

  • Pro-skin fragrances

Other Useful Links & Media

Sensient Hand Sanitizing Gel:

Sensient Colour-Changing Hand Foam