Covarine WN (Range)


Pigment dispersions in water/glycerin


ECOCERT compliant ready to use pigments

INCI name: 

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  • Sensient

Covarine WN dispersions are a new range of ECOCERT compliant dispersions of iron oxides and titanium dioxide in a water/glycerin system for natural O/W or water based formulations. These dispersions are prepared using Sensients new generation of high purity iron oxides which surpass all global regulatory requirements with low heavy metal limits. 

Covarine WN dispersions are ready-to-use and do not require any milling. They offer excellent performance in O/W emulsions (foundations, mascara, skin care), aqueous gels and soaps.They are all preservative free and have excellent stability. Initially the range consists of 4 products:

  • Covarine White WN 9787 - Titanium dioxide - ECOCERT  & COSMOS approved.
  • Covarine Black WN 9798 - Black iron oxide - ECOCERT  & COSMOS approved.
  • Covarine Yellow WN 1798 - Yellow iron oxide - ECOCERT  & COSMOS approved.
  • Covarine Red WN 3798 - Red iron oxide - ECOCERT  & COSMOS approved.