CosmeGreen MS1822


High-performing, plant-derived cationic hair and skin conditioning agent


Range of benefits for sun, skin & hair; ideal for waterproof sun care claims and helps solidify stick formulations

INCI name: 

Stearyl/Behenyl Betainate Mesylate (and) Stearyl/Behenyl Alcohol


  • Surfactgreen

Exclusive to Adina, Surfactgreen's award-winning lineup of high performance plant-derived surfactants - CosmeGreen – presents new and exciting formulation opportunities for naturals and cationics. They’re readily biodegradable, derived from upcycled materials and are made using the Principles of Green Chemistry, offering you a way to formulate natural products that really perform.

CosmeGreen MS1822 is a 99% bio-sourced multifunctional cationic surfactant that offers a multitude of benefits for skin and hair including barrier protection and soothing properties. It is also ideal for waterproof/sand repellent sun care claims and helps to solidify stick formulations including solid makeup removers.

  • Melting point 65-70 °C
  • Great for liquid and solid formulations
  • Offers a range of benefits for sun, skin and hair care
  • Non-irritating to skin
  • Made from upcycled sugar beet & rapeseed
  • Non GMO
  • Free of silicones, sulphates, palm derivatives & preservatives
  • 80x better for the environment

Suggested use level: 4-12% for emulsions and up to 40% to solids.