Charcoal CRUSH™


Upcycled charcoal powder for skincare & colour cosmetics


Cleansing, exfoliating, oil absorption

INCI name: 

Charcoal Powder


  • Full Circle

Upcycled beauty ingredients: For naturally powerful formulations, with a difference

Full Circle develops natural, sustainable, high-performance active oils, exfoliators and powders that are made entirely from nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable waste. The portfolio offers forward-thinking brands a unique opportunity to create innovative formulations that make excellent use of the precious resources around us - without compromising on quality or efficacy.


  • NO NEW RESOURCES: Out to prove that the industry can thrive solely by ‘upcycling’ existing materials
  • NO SMALL PACK SURCHARGES: Reduce waste and order to your exact batch size
  • NOTHING TO LANDFILL: It’s already full enough
  • PLANT BASED: Natural products with vegan approval
  • LOW CARBON: No energy intensive chemistry 

A brand new addition to the Full Circle portfolio of upcycled ingredients, Charcoal CRUSH™ is a collection of sustainable scrubs & powders made from small pieces of leftover charcoal.

Known for its absorbing and cleansing properties - and its intense black pigment - Charcoal is a versatile ingredient that lends itself to a variety of personal care applications. 

Ideal for:

  • Skincare: Cleansing, exfoliating, oil absorbing
  • Colour cosmetics

Technical documentation available on request.

Grade Description INCI name
Charcoal CRUSH™ Micro 100 - 300 (μm) Charcoal Powder
Charcoal CRUSH™ Small 300 - 600 (μm) Charcoal Powder
Charcoal CRUSH™ ACTIVE <100 (μm) Charcoal Powder