Blueberry CRUSH™


Natural & sustainable exfoliator made from upcycled blueberry seeds


A sustainable & biodegradable exfoliant. A great alternative to polyethylene beads.

INCI name: 

Vaccinium Myrtillus (Blueberry) Seedcake Powder


  • Full Circle

Upcycled cosmetic ingredients

Full Circle develops innovative and sustainable ingredients that are made entirely from nutrient-rich plant-based leftovers. The portfolio offers forward-thinking brands a unique opportunity to create innovative formulations that make excellent use of the precious resources around us - without compromising on quality or efficacy.

Blueberry CRUSH™ - A natural & sustainable exfoliator made from leftover blueberry seeds

Blueberry CRUSH™ is a gentle, natural exfoliator made from upcycled blueberry seeds, a by-product of the juicing industry. After the oil is pressed from the seeds to create Blueberry NECTA® (active oil), any leftover seeds are reused once again to create Blueberry CRUSH™.

Blueberry particles provide a method of gentle exfoliation, working to remove dead skin cells for a super clean, fresh skin feeling.

1kg Blueberry CRUSH™ contains the seeds of 55,000 blueberries which have been diverted from waste. 

Grade Description
Blueberry CRUSH Large Particle size 500-800 microns
Blueberry CRUSH Small Particle size 315-500 microns