Bio-Signal™ Lipid 10 MB


Skin-mimetic lipid technology for skin health and reduced sensitivity


Reduces sensitivity and wrinkles, repairs the skin barrier and improves skin radiance

INCI name: 

Glycerin (and) Phospholipids


  • Vantage Speciality Chemicals

Bio-Signal Lipid 10 MB is a proprietary, patented skin-mimetic lipid technology from Vantage for skin health and reduced sensitivity. Bio-Signal Lipid 10 MB stimulates the expression of several epidermal proteins known to strengthen the skin barrier, hydrate skin, and reduce the inflammatory signalling pathways. This actions results in increased skin moisturisation, skin firming, and improved skin radiance. It also helps to calm and soothe irritated skin.

Bio-Signal Lipid 10 MB is a breakthrough technology for consumers with sensitive skin.                                  

Clinical tests wth Bio-Signal Lipid 10 MB show:
- 39% Reduction IL-8 on stressed cells
+78% Involucrin expression
+20% Immediate & long term hydration
- 25% Reduction of erythema
+16% Skin radiance
+15% Type IV Collagen expression

Bio-Signal Lipid 10 MB is recommended for skincare, suncare and makeup applications. It is COSMOS approved, sustainably derived, and approved for use in China.

Formulation guidance is available on request.