BiEau® Actif Green Algae


Active botanical water/essence with niacinamide; provides moisturization & enhances skin barrier


Enhances skin moisturization, improves skin barrier, sustainably sourced & vegan

INCI name: 

Spirulina Platensis Extract

Also contains: 

Lactobacillus Ferment


  • Active Concepts

BiEau® Actif Green Algae is one of a number of recently launched ingredients within the BiEau® Actif range from Active Concepts. The range utilizes vital botanical essences sustainably sourced from algae, birch, and mushroom species. Cellular water or plant essence offers the ability to harness a nutritional isotonic solution capable of nourishing the skin and hair in personal care applications. Algae absorbs water and nutrients into their cells directly from the surrounding water, and this internal cellular water contains an abundance of biologically active components. 

Nutrient rich water of Spirulina platensis offers a cellular water capable of providing moisturization. Niacinamide is naturally present and essential to strengthen the skin barrier and increase skin moisture content. 

In-vivo efficacy studies confirm that:
- 2.0% BiEau® Actif Green Algae in base lotion moisturized skin 36.37% better than the base lotion alone
- BiEau®Actif Green Algae is capable of efficiently reducing TEWL, helping to improve barrier function and allow for moisture retention.

BiEau® Actif Green Algae utilizes a novel approach to eco-conscious cosmetic active development while capitalizing on the presence of niacinamide from blue green algae to promote hydrated, healthier looking skin.

BiEau® Actif Green Algae can be used in a variety of cosmetic and personal care formulations aimed to hydrate, harmonize, and nourish. Further details on the range is available on request.