Unique approach to manage daily stress


Rebalances cortisol levels, improves skin density & skin barrier integrity

INCI name: 

Biphenyl Azepanyl Methanone


  • DSM

BEL-EVEN® is a patented synthetic small molecule that helps counteract the damaging effects of stress on skin. BEL-EVEN® selectively inhibits the enzyme 11β-HSD1, particularly in keratinocytes, but also in fibroblasts, leading to rebalanced cortisol levels. This well-defined mechanism helps your skin to manage the undesired effects of a stressful lifestyle and skin elasticity, density and barrier functionality will improve.

BEL-EVEN® has shown to offer the following In-Vivo results: 

  • Improved skin elasticity for a more supple appearance
  • Fights against stress induced collagen loss and skin thinning
  • Improves skin density and barrier function
  • Reduction on TEWL
  • Visual reduction on wrinkles

Suggested use level: 1% for face and body.