BeauPlex VH




All the benefits of Vitamins E; C; B3; B5 and B6

INCI name: 

Niacinamide & Calcium Pantothenate & Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate & Tocopheryl Acetate & Pyridoxine HCl & Maltodextrin & Sodium Starch Octenylsuccinate & Silica


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BeauPlex VH is a unique water dispersable compound for skin and hair care.

It is a combination of:

  • Vitamin E - 'The Protector' (antioxidant, moisturiser, UV protection)
  • Vitamin C - 'The Protective Corrector' (skin lightening, skin firmness, antioxidant, anti-acne)
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3 or PP) - 'The Energiser' (necessary for cell motabolism, strengthens skin barrier, anti-acne, collagen synthesis, hair growth)
  • Calcium Pantothenate - converts into free Vitamin B5 - 'The Moisturiser' (skin soothing, wound healing, moisturising) 
  • Pyridoxin (Vitamin B6) - 'The Cell Activator' (essential for normal skin metabolism)

*BRAND NEW* Haircare data reveals that BeauPlex VH:

  • Prolongs anagen phase of hair follicles:
    • 2X more hair follicles in the anagen phase than placebo
    • 76% increase of hair matrix keratinocytes proliferation
  • Increases hair thickness and density
  • Increases speed of hair growth
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Leads to a darker hair
  • Reduces grey hair
  • Hair volume
  • Improves hydration and scalp barrier

Download the presentation to access the new hair loss prevention, grey hair and hair volume data


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