Arianor® Jet Black 306090


Optimized combination of cationic dyes providing black shades for semi-permanent applications


Long-lasting hair colour & colour strength

INCI name: 

HC Blue 16 (and) Basic Red 76 (and) Basic Brown 17 (and) Basic Yellow 57


  • Sensient

Arianor® Jet Black is a new launch by hair colour experts Sensient. It is composed of carefully selected cationic dyes to provide black shades on grey hair for semi-permanent hair colour.

Main Benefits:
- Excellent long-lasting properties on damaged hair
- For shades dedicated to grey coverage
- Can be used for toners, colour correction, progressive hair colour

Technical properties
- Cationic character
- High purity grade – meets SCCS requirements
- High colour strength
- Stable from pH 5 to 9
- Adapted to semi-permanent applications

Arianor® Jet Black is recommended for coverage of 1st grey hair, for toning and correction applications, and progressive hair colour with repeated use. Formulation guidance is available on request.